What Were You Doing in 1997?

Whenever I start feeling badly about how hedonistic the 1997 "Aspen" chapter of my book sounds, I watch this video and smile and think, "Aaah, the good old days!"

 Man! Sometimes I wish I could just live in ignorant '90s bliss all over again back when I thought "Internet" was a female intern, "China" just those dishes we never used, "Bin Laden" an instant soup, the "Iraq War" a three month war with only 300 US casualties, and "Global Warming" a trendy book by Al Gore (and an easy elective class at Boulder). How the times have changed.

I know scenes like the one in the video below still happen every night all over the country, but when we were partying back in the '90s it didn't feel like guiltily eating the last slice of the pie while the house was on fire. Illusion or not, partying in the '90s felt more like savoring the first, tiny piece of budget-surplus-solesuperpower-berry pie right after it came out of the oven and being perfectly happy to leave the rest for everybody else. Amazing, how fast we ate it all.

For a glimpse of what the world was like when youthful self-destruction was still considered a phase, I give you an unusually calm night with the Brian Jonestown Massacre:

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