What's in an Image?

I love looking at an image and not knowing what it is at first, then discovering what it is and marveling at the details, the components and mechanics, that comprise the thing itself but seem so odd when seen from a different perspective, like this picture of...

...the under side of a wave photographed by Clark Little - all the funnels and bubbles rising as it barrels over. One of the many reasons we surf is to experience the natural world in this way and few have captured the actual experience of it as vividly as Clark Little. Others have captured the aesthetic of it, the mood, but if you really want to know what it looks like to get "shacked".... why it's called "the green room"....well here it is (of course, the thrill of actually being in the green room on a board at speed with a hand tracing along the face, feeling the roar and misty breath of the wave... now that's something a picture simply can't capture.)

This is how he does it... swims in the surf zone, holds up his waterproof camera on a little monopod with a trigger and fires off 50 frame per second blasts. Wonder how many cameras he's broken?

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